Modern management and design at the head office in Horsham, West Sussex, support mobile working that, coupled with an effective telecommunication and Information Technology structure, allows mangers to work effectively from home, the office, supplier or customer premises and as they travel.

In the latest phase of this development the distribution warehouse offices at Leicester have been modernised to incorporate the latest design in office furniture and high quality IT support including Video Conferencing and modern meeting facilities.

Management based in the Midlands and north of England now use this office regularly. Up to 10 people visit each day among a group of 30 who regularly use the office and when busy meetings occur there are up to 70 PC network connections to give everyone the chance to deal with e-mail and the business of the day while meeting and interacting with colleagues.

The key benefits include reduced travel by road, time saved to invest in quality work and improved customer service and time to share with family and friends.