Agave - The plant from which tequila is distilled

BOD - Biological Oxygen Demand

CBI - Confederation of British Industry

CHP - Combined Heat and Power

CO2 - Carbon dioxide, acknowledged as the most significant human contribution to climate change

COMAH - Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations

Dark Grains - Animal feed from whisky distillation residues

EMS - Environmental Management System

GRI - Global Reporting Initiative

ISO 14001 - The International Organisation for Standardisation's standard for Environmental Management Systems

IP - Identity Preserved - certified guarantee that crops do not contain genetically modified material

IPM - Integrated Pest Management - techniques for reducing pesticide use by monitoring pests in order to control them more effectively, use of natural predators and insect traps

ICM - Integrated Crop Management - various techniques, including biological controls and recycling of natural nutrients, to reduce agro-chemical inputs

Light weighting - A process of reducing the weight of a packaging material as much as possible so it uses fewer resources but still protects goods

9-litre case (equivalent of 12x75 cl bottles) - This is a term used to standardise between different classification volumes in different countries

MJ - Megajoule

NOx - Nitrogen oxides

QSR - Quick Service Restaurants

OHSAS 18001 - The international Occupational Health And Safety Assessment Series management system