Allied Domecq is committed to ethical behaviour and social responsibility in every aspect of our business. We make every effort to be good corporate citizens. We respect diversity in our workforce. And we work hard to ensure that our products are used safely and responsibly.

Promoting pleasure with responsibility
Most people enjoy a drink. The majority drink sensibly and safely. In fact there is a consensus scientific view that moderate drinking is beneficial to health. However, there are dangers from the abuse of our products. This is why we play such an active part in ensuring that the risks of excessive or innappropriate consumption of alcohol are made clear.

  • We were one of the first drinks companies in the UK to print the recommended daily units of wine, beer and spirits on our product labels.

  • We are members of a number of social aspect organisations which work to educate the public about responsible consumption of alcohol and operate programmes to reduce abuse.

  • We are a member of the Amsterdam Group which is co-operating with the European Commission on projects including drink drive videos and new codes of practice to ensure responsible marketing in the industry.

  • We have signed up to the "Dublin Principles" - a set of ethical principles drawn up by representatives from government and non-government organisations, academic institutions and the drinks industry - represented by ICAP.
  • We provide many programmes aimed at preventing under-age drinking.
  • We educate our employees to drink sensibly and we offer assistance programmes for any who have problems.
  • In the US we help sponsor educational programmes targeting school and college students and fund a "cops-in-shops" scheme which places police officers in liquor stores to deter teenagers from trying to buy alcohol illegally.
  • All our USA advertising carries messages urging consumers to drink responsibly and this is being extended to the rest of the world.
To find out more about our approach to Social Responsibility, click here to download a copy of our latest report.